Vegan Meal Plans

We’ve made your well-being our business

Eating Healthy, Made Easy

We are happy to contribute to an ever larger community of people in Chicago who care about their health and strive to achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Being healthy is a process, a journey that never ends and takes a lot of effort. That’s why we keep working hard to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your wellness goals, regardless of how busy or utterly crazy your life can get.


Our vegan meal plan can help people suffering from a variety of issues, including thyroid problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypoglycemia, lactose intolerance, and arthritis.

You will experience greater energy, vitality, and mental clarity with every passing day.

Our customers also report weight loss and better skin and hair health.

What You Get

  • Fresh and affordable vegan meals prepared for you every week
  • Raw, gluten-free, nutrients-rich dishes
  • Other allergens-free options, prepared in a separate kitchen to avoid cross-contamination and fit special dietary requirements


Our Guarantee

  • All necessary nutrients
  • No genetically modified food (GMO)
  • Low sodium, no saturated fat
  • Healthy grains (brown rice, quinoa)
  • No artificial flavors or canned food
  • Unbleached, organic flour
  • No monosodium glutamate (MSG)


A Balanced Diet

Our meal plans translate into a balanced diet that keeps your body and mind healthy with no effort from your part. All you have to do is enjoy the food!


How It Works

  • 1 pickup or delivery per week, Monday through Friday (we will let you know which dishes should be consumed first). Delivery charges apply.
  • The meal plan must be completed in 1 month (it cannot be paused and resumed at a later date, except for particular circumstances).
  • Payment for the whole month is due in full at the start of the plan. No refunds available.



  • 1 week trial | lunch and dinner | 6 days ($225 plus tax)
  • 1 month (4 weeks) | lunch and dinner | 6 days a week ($900 plus tax)

Need an all-raw monthly meal plan? Call for pricing: 773.274.5800

Note: The Chef chooses the dishes based on ingredients availability and keeping your dietary allergies in mind. Custom plans are subject to extra charges.

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“Easy to eat healthy”

“My energy level has gone way up, my mental clarity has returned, and the food is delicious. There is a good variety of food and everything is fresh and tasty. I’m becoming more aware of the effects of food on the body, and I feel infinitely better.”

Sue C.

“Delicious and convenient”

“I have been eating the raw meal plan for almost 2 months. It doesn’t feel like I’m dieting because the food is simply delicious. It’s very convenient to always have healthy food in the fridge. I’ve noticed that my clothes fit me looser and I’ve gotten compliments on my skin!!! Arya Bhavan’s Chef, Kirt, puts her heart into what she does.”

Ini E.

“Kirti, the mother of Arya Bhavan”

“Kirti who is the ‘mother’ of Arya Bhavan and the one responsible for the culinary delights you receive as part of the plan, is a wonderful, warm and lovely person I was always looking forward to seeing on my pickup days.

I like that some of the food is raw, some cooked, which gives a good balance of nutrients. It definitely made me eat more vegetables, which is important. It felt like such a luxury, and very affordable at that, to have to not have to shop and cook.

I never got tired of the flavors and textures and I felt that I was eating very healthy food of excellent quality.”

Susanna A.

Established in 1998, Arya Bhavan is one of the top vegan and gluten-free restaurants in Chicago, also offering a growing selection of raw dishes.

Our menu has been designed for health-conscious Chicagoans who want to enjoy authentic Indian and fusion cuisine without having to sacrifice the desire (and need) for healthy vegan, gluten-free, and raw food.

Our dishes are made with healthy ingredients and feature a careful balance of necessary nutrients for mind/body wellness.



2508 West Devon Avenue

Chicago, IL 60659